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Tile and Turn Inward opening windows supplied in Ireland by Viking Windows Ireland are a traditional design for Central Europe. Viking DK13-3k Windows are solid wooden windows with the 78 mm profile system and a glazing unit with two low-E and one regular glass, Argon filled cavities and the total thickness of 40 mm. For the warm edge solution it is recommended to use SGG Swisspacer spacer bars as a warm edge solution.

Typical opening type is side hung (turn) combined with the ventilation opening (tilt from top of the sash): tilt-and-turn windows. Thermal transmittance of the standard window supplied to Ireland is Uw = 0,94 W/²K

DK13 wooden Nordic and Scandinvian Pine Windows:

Traditional, convenient, enduring, energy efficient windows, sustainable.

Drawings (PDF)

Drawings (DWG)



DK13 aluminium clad Nordicw & Scandinvian Pine Windows:

Modern design, convenient, enduring, energy efficient windosw, sustainable.

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Drawings (DWG)



Opening types:


Tilt and turn window:

Window opens inwards in two ways - traditional side hung (turn) and the ventilation opening (tilt from top of the sash). There is also micro ventilation possibility. In addition ventilation restrictor device can be added to hardware to enable to fix the position after tilting sash. Maximum weight of sash is 100 kg. Available also as double sash french window (without mullion).



Side hung window:

Window opens inwards to one side (turn). Maximum weight of sash is 100 kg. Available also as double sash french window (without mullion).



DK10-kald-smallTilt window:

The window tilts inwards from the top, but only a little, to allow ventilation. Maximum weight of sash is 100 kg.



Fixed lights and windows with mullions and transoms:

Fixed light is a simple solution which includes a glazing unit installed directly to the window frame. This is a way to increase light gain inside. A more complex variation could be a window with a fixed casement. This could be a case of historic buildings where it is required to maintain the outside face.

Viking Window product lines also include a wide variety of dividing possibilities for frames and casements: mullions, transoms, glazing bars and applied bars on glazing units. A single multilight window frame can be as big as 2,5 x 3,2 m.

COPY-of-DK13 aken 03-small COPY-of-DK13 puitaluaken 03-small
DK13 glazing bar solutions DK13 aluclad glazing bar solutions


Besides retangular windows we offer solution for angular and rounded openings too.

For detailed information, please contact our Irish sales offices!