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TT-aken-smallViking Windows Fire Guard Windows are supplied with fire protection - fixed light with timber frames. Triple Glazed Energy Efficient fire rated windows conform to the fire resistance class EI30/E60: they are resistant to fire for at least 60 minutes of which the first 30 minutes they also serve as a heat insulator, so that the average temperature of the surface on the opposite side of the fire will not exceed 140°C. The fireguard rated windows have been given the EI30/E60 classification in accordance with the EN 13501-2:2007+A1:2009 standard (download certificate - pdf).

Viking Triple Glazed Fireguard Windows:

The window is equipped with triple insulated glazing unit which includes 17 mm laminated Contraflam EI30 fireprotection glass. In addition fire resistant sealers and gaskets are used. Surface treatment is done wiht waterbased wood paints as regular windows and doors.

NB! Fireprotection glass is sensitive to temperature. Scale of use is between -10oC...+45oC. In lower and higher temperatures the glass turn opaque. This means that Triple Glazed Fireguard Windows are not suitable in rooms which are not heated or where temperature can rise very high (e.g. boiler room).